• Bonbon Stripe Rug

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    A 100% wool floor rug that's ideal for a little girls bedroom as the rug has stripes of pink, grey, white and purple with an overall pink look that will look so pretty in a girls bedroom. Use the rug to brighten up a dull floor, maybe you can't change the carpet and its looking a bit dull or maybe you have cold wooden floors and want to add a bit of colour and warmth to the room.

    Great for playi9ng on as your little girl can put all their toys on the rug and sit on the rug without getting their feet or bottoms cold, its much nicer to sit on a warm and soft rug than sit on a cold and hard floor and the hand tufted rug means that it will always feel soft and warm. Use the rug in the hall too where its great for adding a splash of colour to a cold hall floor.