• Northcote Open Storage Base including Ledged Shelf

    Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf Buy Now at Amazon

    This wall mounted shelf unit is attached to the wall and below the shelf hangs an open storage box, you can unclick the storage box fro the shelf unit and put the storage box on the floor or carry it into another room for play sop its ideal for storing toys, books and clothes in one room and using them in another room. The wall units are available in white and grey colours and have a hard wearing varnish finish that's resistant to scratches and easy to clean.

    The storage box has a wide open front so it's easy to put toys, clothes, shoes or books in the storage box even when they are mounted on the wall and easy to see what's inside the storage box too. You can stack these storage boxes one on top of each other on the wall to create any height of storage that you need.